Computers Basics

LM106 Internet Navigation Using Firefox Browser (LM106)

Get up and running with Firefox, Mozilla's web browser for Mac and Windows. This course overs the basics of navigating around the web, downloading files, bookmarking webpages so you can return to them easily, using tabs to stay organized, and managing security and privacy settings, including history, cookies, and passwords. Plus, learn how to get up and running with the mobile version of Firefox for Android phones and tablets.This is a free, happy learning...
  • LM106.1 Basic Website Navigation
  • LM106.1.1 Tour the Interface.mp4
  • LM106.1.2 Using Tabs.mp4
  • LM106.1.3 Adjusting Essential Settings.mp4
  • LM106.1.4 Logging into Firefox Sync.mp4
  • LM106.1.5 Downloading files.mp4
  • LM106.1.6 Sharing links.mp4
  • LM106.1.7 Disabling the pop up blocker.mp4
  • LM106.1.8 Printing.mp4
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  • LM106.2 Bookmarks
  • LM106.2.1 Create and Organise Bookmarks.mp4
  • LM106.2.2 Import and Export bookmarks.mp4
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  • LM106.3 Installing Add-Ons
  • LM106.3.1 Installing extension and themes.mp4
  • LM106.3.2 Managing and removing add ons.mp4
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  • LM106.4 Privacy and Security
  • LM106.4.1 Browsing a security site.mp4
  • LM106.4.2 Using browser history.mp4
  • LM106.4.3 Understand cookies and the cache.mp4
  • LM106.4.4 Saving Password.mp4
  • LM106.4.5 Filling out forms and using autocomplete.mp4
  • LM106.4.6 Browsing privately.mp4
  • LM106.4.7 Troubleshooting.mp4
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  • LM106.5 Using the Mobile App
  • LM106.5.1 Using Firefox on an Android device.mp4
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Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever