LM109 Network Security: IT Security Foundation (LM109)

Network security is the keystone of IT security, and an important component of the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Security Fundamentals exam (98-367). In this installment of Foundations of IT Security, one of the main topics of the exam: securing an organization's network to keep interconnected systems and data safe. The course introduces security devices such as firewalls and packet inspectors, network isolation, and common security protocols. It also provides an overview of how to protect clients with antivirus software, encrypt offline files, and implement software restriction policies. Finally, it looks at the often-overlooked topics of mobile device and physical security, which includes securing a building's perimeter and the hardware within.
  • LM109.1 Security Devices
  • LM109.1.1 Different types of Firewalls.mp4
  • LM109.1.2 SCM and UTM implementation.mp4
  • LM109.1.3 Network Access Protection _NAP_.mp4
  • Feedback - LM109.1
  • LM109.2 Network Isolation
  • LM109.2.1 Understand VLANS.mp4
  • LM109.2.2 Server and Domain Isolation.mp4
  • LM109.2.3 Honeypot implementation.mp4
  • LM109.2.4 Perimeter Networks.mp4
  • Feedback - LM109.2
  • LM109.3 Protocol Security
  • LM109.3.1 Protocol Spoofing.mp4
  • LM109.3.2 Understand DNSSEC.mp4
  • LM109.3.3 Explore network sniffing.mp4
  • LM109.3.4 Survey common attack methods.mp4
  • LM109.3.5 Understand threat of password attacks.mp4
  • Feedback - LM109.3
  • LM109.4 Client Protection
  • LM109.4.1 Proctecting systems with antivirus software.mp4
  • LM109.4.2 Explore User Account Control _UAC_.mp4
  • LM109.4.3 Encrypt offline folders and software restriction policies.mp4
  • Feedback - LM109.4
  • LM109.5 Physical Security Concepts
  • LM109.5.1 Ensure physical protection of buildings and hardware.mp4
  • LM109.5.2 Importance of Physical computer security.mp4
  • LM109.5.3 Explore Access Control.mp4
  • LM109.5.4 Secure mobile devices.mp4
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Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever