Computers Basics

LM107 Internet Navigation Using Chrome Browser (LM107)

Enjoy a better Internet experience with Chrome, the web browser from Google. This course covers the basics of navigation and shows how to add bookmarks, use tabs, manage security and privacy settings, and use some advanced features like extensions and themes. Plus, learn how to access you Google account with Chrome and use Chrome on the go, on Android and iOS devices. This is a free course, happy learning...
  • LM107.1 Basic Website Navigation
  • LM107.1.1Touring the interface and browsing the web.mp4
  • LM107.1.2 Working with settings screens.mp4
  • LM107.1.3 Logging into Chrome.mp4
  • LM107.1.4 Using tabs .mp4
  • LM107.1.5 Setting the homepage and default search engine.mp4
  • LM107.1.6 Downloading files.mp4
  • LM107.1.7 Sharing links.mp4
  • LM107.1.8 Disabling the pop-up blocker.mp4
  • LM107.1.9 Printing.mp4
  • LM107.1.10 Translating the language on a page.mp4
  • Feedback - LM107.1
  • LM107.2 Bookmarks
  • LM107.2.1 Creating and Organizing bookmarks.mp4
  • LM107.2.2 Import and export bookmarks.mp4
  • Feedback - LM107.2
  • LM107.3 Browser Extensions
  • LM107.3.1 Installing Chrome Apps.mp4
  • LM107.3.2 Installing extensions.mp4
  • Feedback - LM107.3
  • LM107.4 Privacy and Security
  • LM107.4.1 Browsing a secure site.mp4
  • LM107.4.2 Using browser history.mp4
  • LM107.4.3 Understanding cookies and cache.mp4
  • LM107.4.4 Saving Password.mp4
  • LM107.4.5 Filling out forms and using autofill.mp4
  • LM107.4.6 Delete or manage history and other website data.mp4
  • LM107.4.7 Browsing privately.mp4
  • LM107.4.8 Restting Chrome completely.mp4
  • Feedback - LM107.4
  • LM107.5 Using Mobile App
  • LM107.5.1 Use chrome on an Android phone or tablet.mp4
  • LM107.5.2 Using Chrome on an iPhone or iPad.mp4
  • Feedback - LM107.5
  • LM107.6 Simulation Files
  • Using Address Bar to Search demo
  • Using Address Bar to Search training
  • Using Address Bar to Search assessment
  • Search Using Google Website demo
  • Search Using Google Website training
  • Search Using Google Website assessment
  • Enter URL demo
  • Enter URL training
  • Enter URL assessment
  • Use Address Drop-down Box demo
  • Use Address Drop-down Box training
  • Use Address Drop-down Box assessment
  • Narrow Search Using Tools demo
  • Narrow Search Using Tools training
  • Narrow Search Using Tools assessment
  • Course Feedback
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever